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October 2007                                                                                               Issue 1


Welcome to the first edition of our monthly news letter. This month esteem opened it doors to introduce Wakefield to the next step in the evolution in the health & fitness industry. After sighting the inadequacies of commercial gyms and their "sausage factory" approach to memberships, esteem was formed out of a necessity to provide the public with the individual service they so rightly deserve and sought after. esteem’s concept represents a breakaway from the impersonal attitude given off by the large gym chains. They provide a product that delivers a truly comprehensive approach to weight loss, health and fitness that is sustainable long term.

Move of the month – Jack knife – Muscle group core - Difficulty rating 4 from 5

  1. Start in position 1 keeping your hips and back level.

  2. Slowly drag the gym ball towards you by bringing your knees towards your chest. Keeping your hips from level.

  3. Bring your knees as far as you can keeping control through the core

  4. Roll the ball back out to position1 slowly with control.

  5. repeat 8 – 12 times.

Client of the Month Sue Saperia


Congratulations this month to Sue who is October’s client of the month.

Sue has worked hard since starting her programme and her results show you get out what you put in. Sue has lost a stone and a half in weight while managing to increase muscle tone and strength at the same time. Sue has lost an incredible 7 inches of fat from her waist and this month will be jetting to Florida to watch her stepson’s wedding in the dress she never thought she would wear again.


We’re all very proud Sue!

Stay fighting fit with fat!


Fat has often been seen as the enemy for those trying to improve their body shape. Research has shown that Omega 3 fatty acids are more readily burned up than other types of fat. That is, they enter the fat cells at the same rate, but come out to be used up more readily as energy than other types of fat. They are also shown to help mobilise the body fat you have stored as your body recognises it is getting fats and so releases the fat it already has stored


Omega 3 fatty acids are primarily found in the oils of cold-water fish such as herring, tuna, salmon and sardines. Plant sources of Omega 3 fatty acids include tofu, walnuts, dried beans, lecithin and wheat germ. The molecular structure of the acids may help to prevent blood clots, lower blood pressure, and increase plasma HDL and decrease LDL cholesterol.

A deficiency in Omega 3 is not uncommon. Symptoms include dry skin, high blood pressure, tingling sensations in the arms and legs, high triglycerides, fluid retention and immune dysfunction. Therefore, it is recommended that seafood containing these oils be eaten regularly.


“Those who fail to make time for health

 Will be forced to make time for illness”

The Battle with the Blankets - Will I or Won’t I??

Its early morning. Very early. The alarm goes off in what seems like the middle of the night. “You’re joking!” you say to yourself as you fumble and grasp attempting to turn that thing off.

It is at this point the fight begins.


“Will I or won’t I get up and train??”


The blankets have a firm hold and are intent on not letting go. Their grip is intense and within seconds you already feel you lack the energy to fight against them. Yet you are determined, and you roll-over in an attempt to loosen the blanket’s grip. Finally you manage to squeeze one leg free and you poke it out into the contrasting and rather refreshing coldness. This is a crucial moment, and often it is right here that the battle is won or lost.

The blankets tighten the grip on your body, as you lay in their warm and cosy embrace. Even tighter now, the grip is almost overwhelming as they attempt to bring that one leg back into the comfort zone.


Be careful,


these tactics employed by the blankets are not sporting and know no bounds. Do not ever under estimate the power they possess, as many have fallen victim to the trickery the blankets can feed your mind. “Stay in bed a few more minutes” is the suggestion. “It will allow you to gather more energy and catch the blankets off guard”. Beware! This usually just gives the blankets more time to twist your thoughts and many have succumbed to this tactic and are now statistics.


You can win.


A proven approach to victory is:


Jump straight out of bed and get dressed before you even know what’s happening.

Remember that you body adapts to what you train it to do. So train it to get up.

Remind yourself how good it feels after your early morning training session.

Realise that 90% of your workout consists of just turning up.

  The 10% that counts won’t happen without that 90%.

Smile, because “it’s good to be alive” and you can go and train. 


Many can’t.


See you out there.





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