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Your Body is Our Business

Meet the Trainer

Hi there and thank you for taking the time to check out my Website. My name is Gavin and I am the founder of  esteem Personal Training Studio. I started esteem with a clear mission to change the face of the fitness industry as we know it. Tired of Commercial gyms and there impersonal attitude to members I wanted to give people a real chance to be the person they always wanted to be. I realised that most commercial gyms are set up for people to fail. Gyms are about numbers not people, they require members not to train in order to make money.

At esteem we believe in the personal touch. Your goals become our goals and we only succeed when you succeed. We don't do fad diets we only work with science. Our systems are designed purely for the client,  no two programmes are the same because we know that one size does not fit all.

Educated at the Australian Institute of Fitness I have the skills and knowledge to transform you inside and out. I also know that knowledge is nothing without the passion and motivation to inspire people to do there best. Inspiring people is the biggest part of the job and the part which I love the most.


So whatever your goals I can make sure you get there.

Our testimonials speak for themselves. We can sculpt, tone and transform your body, improve your self esteem and give you a new energy for life. Results Guaranteed.

I also have in depth knowledge of professional sport conditioning through my work with the Leeds Rhino's which can be used to give you that extra boost whatever sport you play.